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Being An Agriculture Student!

The very first day at Karachi University Agriculture and Agribusiness Department I was sitting with a blank face and only one thing in my mind, what I will study in Agriculture. I was the student who never grow a single flower in his life and now I am in the field of Agriculture. But just to buck up myself I was continuously repeating this phrase “there is always the first time.”

First Semester was like Summer Camp as we were studying just the basics of agriculture. But as the time passed education gets more complicated and In my case teachers played an important role to have my interest in the field of Agriculture and as I researched about this field I came to know that this field is too vast. Agriculture is applied of every subject you study from school to your college life. It includes applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, and Biology etc.

As I talked to people around the globe who are related to this field I came to know that Universities in Pakistan are actually not doing enough what they should do for providing quality education to the students. Let’s be specific to Agriculture field, in my university we are not provided with practical education as I feel Agriculture is totally a practicable field and works on the same formula of Swimming.

As Agriculture is not included in the top 10 most sexiest professionals of the world, so people do not take you seriously and being a Karachiite it’s really difficult to tell people that I am studying agriculture as this field is new to Karachi. And literally the first response what I got from people was MAALI BANO GE?

And at the time of BAKRA EID when my friends called me and ask me to just go with them to visit BAKRA MANDI as I know about livestock better than them. Initially I was irritated by this attitude but then I realize actually my friends are right that I should know better than them but this is what I call lack of practical education!

Normally the students who entered in this field are not for degree but for the pragmatical education. But as they continue their education they find nothing like pragmatics, and from here lack of interest starts and many students quit and choose some other professions. To overcome this problem, people who are related to this field should come forward and do something to shorten the gap between theoretical and practical education. Just to create the agricultural studies interesting I have some proposals being an Agriculture student.

  1. Practical Education: There is a lack of practical education and students become tedious by just studying theory. Students on their own try to do some practical stuff but in the end students cannot afford the expenses and dream of practical education ends up here.
  2. Interesting Books: Boring at its height. This is the right phrase for agricultural books. Books should be interesting and have some nice pictorial view to how agricultural practices be implemented practically.
  3. Modern Equipment: Universities should provide good and modern equipments so that we can step up in the modern world of agriculture and can progress well and in less time.
  4. Quality Counseling: There should be proper counseling for how to make a proper resume and students should know about their opportunities and future job market.

By working on these proposals we can make agricultural studies more attract full and can make the bright future of our agricultural country PAKISTAN!