Kitchen Gardening – A Healthy Status Symbol

You people are known to many status symbols across the world. It starts from the hair style to the heel of a shoe. Google also help you in this regard, now you can search the status symbols of the current year and just copy them. People who religiously follow status emblem actually want to show that they are present in this world and want to make themselves the most noticeable people in their circles.

People have been chasing after luxuries of life and they mind spending limitlessly on these status icons to be an oil paintings in for other people. The houses, which were once a place for family, have now turn into price tags and nothing else. Following status symbols is not an art it is just to copy others and lock your minds and spend money without any logical reason.

Females are mad about having status symbols in their lives. When a baby born they want to buy swanky strollers, I think to make other moms jealous. Everyone knows how females are crazy about jewelry so don’t want to thrash out about it. Boom in fashion industry of Pakistan effected females like suicide bombing. For maintaining their class and their style, females are wearing designer clothes and wasting their valuable wealth.

Even the little ones of the society are not left saved from this status phobia. Kids have their own status symbols and the most common is cell phones having exciting new features. Luxurious branded bicycles and skating shoes are also included in these status symbols. If you do not have play station or Xbox you don’t have a class!

The male member, domination of our society has been also touched by it.  They are also brand conscious about clothing and the way they dress up. Time means less then brand of watch they are wearing. Females without jewelry and males without watches are like fish out of water! Frankly speaking the first crush of a guy is not a girl but his CAR. Males spend huge amount of money on having a stylish car with a big brand name.

However, my point is does these status symbols benefit someone or these symbols have any role for creating good and healthy society? I don’t think so and I believe that those people who are following these symbols are injecting poison into the society and people are just running to have some positions in the society and if someone manages to get these, surely they cannot get inner satisfaction. Because you are doing all the things to benefit yourself but if you work for others and for humanity then you can easily get the inner pleasure.

I know that this is a natural phenomenon that people want something to show off and to jealous other people but why we straddle upon these nonsense status symbols. Why don’t we innovate something new and turn these status war useful to our society and if someone follow these hale and hearty status symbols so he or she is actually contributing to the society and for the better environment.

Kitchen gardening no doubt is a healthy status symbol and it does not affect the society adversely but help to make a good environment for everyone. If people take kitchen gardening as a true status icon then they are actually promoting the healthy life style. People grow food for themselves, which are fresh and more nutritious. They are making environment clean and less polluted and if someone start growing food with his own hands, he will experience the efforts and hard work farmers do for growing fruits and vegetables so he will take kitchen gardening seriously and by this, we can even reduce food crises to some extent.

We have noticed that usually old citizens are doing kitchen gardening and young generation doesn’t take interest in such activities but this is high time that all youngsters should step forward and start doing kitchen gardening to have a better food to eat and a healthy environment to live.

Many psychologists now prove that greenery give soothing effect to human soul and help to create many positive changes in the human mind. Greenery helps people to think in a positive direction and their sense of observation also increases. Plants do miracles for kids, psychologists say that if kids grow plants and maintain them so they are actually enhancing their IQ level and it will create a good effect in understanding things and also helps to do some good performance in their studies. In this fast world we don’t have time for others and there is no one whom we can talk and share our feelings but plants are always there for you, they listen to you and also understand your feelings so in this world growing plants is a key. And to get all these benefits Kitchen gardening is the best example.

In these days people are involved more into negativism as the society shows these negative things as status symbols and cigarette is one of its examples. It is a human psyche that everyone do efforts to have status symbols no matter they are good or bad  but if we all as a society make good and healthy status symbols people definitely follow them and we can turn our societies into heaven easily!