Enjoy Being DESI…!


We people don’t have much time to get out of our busy schedules and experience different things and stuffs which life has to offer us. We work day and night like machines and we are disappeared somewhere in our busy routines without knowing that our inner souls have become hostages to our busy urban lifestyle. What I think is we all need to get some time out of this city routine and try to live the DESI lifestyle so that we can enjoy the purity of this world and can talk to our inner souls. Now the question is where we can have this DESI environment in urban areas so the answer to this question is Agri-tourism!

I have written an article about Agri-tourism few months back and I have discussed about the economic impact of this activity on Pakistan’s Agriculture Industry. Luckily in August, me and my university fellows got a chance to experience the charm and festivity of Agri-tourism at Qadir Buksh Farms in Faisalabad. No words can explain our feelings of being Desi and living the lifestyle of farmers which is completely different from urban lifestyle. This trip was not just to experience the DESI lifestyle but it was about travelling all the way from Karachi to Faisalabad, meeting different people from agriculture sector and also the students from Faisalabad and Sargodha Agriculture University to share their experiences and ideas for the betterment of agriculture sector of Pakistan.

A group of students from Agriculture and Agribusiness Department, University of Karachi was invited by Sir Tariq Tanveer (Consultant Agri-Tourism and Entertainment Farming and CEO of Agri-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan) to attend the event on World Kitchen Gardening day 2014 at Faisalabad. It was a tough decision to go to Faisalabad to attend that event but my friends decided not to miss the opportunity and we decided to participate in the event.

We all decided to go by Train and it was my first experience to travel through railways. It was tough but it was fun too. Playing and singing in train for approx. 20 hours was unforgettable and I salute other passengers for being so patient and tolerated everything what we did on train.


Thanks to Sir Tariq Tanveer who was there to receive us at Faisalabad station. From there we directly moved to Qadir Buksh Farms. The best part is when we reached the Farm at afternoon, the Lunch was ready and seriously that was a blessing!


In Agri-tourism the condition of your resting rooms play a very crucial part, as tourist should be facilitated at its best and this is what Sir Tariq did. Resting rooms were comfortable, electricity, water and above all security, all things are totally perfect! And how can I forget the party, dancing and making fun of others outside our rooms every night 🙂


We visited different farms and famous places of Faisalabad like Qadir Buksh Farm, Dates Farm, Gut wala Park, Faisalabad Press Club and the famous Ghanta Ghar. We enjoyed swimming in NEHAR and in Tube well as well.


On 24th August 2014, we all attended the World Kitchen Garden Day 2014, Speakers shared their valuable thoughts and experiences about the importance of kitchen gardening and guide us how to grow organic food at our own places and what benefits we can get through organic gardening. At the event we met Akhlaq Khan Kakar, Niaz Sahab, CEO, Members from Agri Education Pakistan (M. Safeer Abbas and M. Jarrar Ahmed) and many other agricultural officials and students from different cities and universities.


We went Ghnta Ghar Bazar for shopping and bought some traditional stuff from there and then we visited Faisalabad Agricultural University. I want to thank JunaidTaha and Ghulam Jelani for taking out time from their busy schedule and to work as a guide for us and thank you Junaid for the delicious mango juice 🙂


And in the End many Thanks to Sir Tariq Tanver (Consultant Agri-Tourism and Entertainment Farming and CEO of Agri-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan) for inviting us and give us a chance to enjoy and experience the extravaganza and quintessence of Agri-tourism in Desi style.

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#Qadir Bakhsh Farms is the first project of Agri-Tourism in Pakistan which is designed and developed under the consultancy of Tariq Tanveer CEO Agri-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan. He is also working with two other mega projects of Agri-Tourism Farms in Pakistan. One of their projects will be open for public and community in December 2014 at Jarawalaand and other will be open in March 2015 at Ranja.


Author: imhemani

I am studying Agriculture and Agribusiness Management. from University of Karachi. Currently, i am working as an Ambassador of Agri-Tourism in Karachi.

14 thoughts on “Enjoy Being DESI…!

  1. Great Change in our Youth being Nature Lovers,

  2. thank you very much Haroon , wish you good luck

  3. Quite interesting article. It was really a tough decision to come all the way long from Karachi .But being an admirer of Qadir Bakhsh farms myself, I’m sure you must have had a wonderful quality time in FAISALABAD .

  4. thats v nice story haroon.. i think the work done by qadir baksh farms and mr tariq tanveer is a positive step to move forward in the era of organic agriculture. as we already discussed in previous chats that in coming years there is too much scope of organic industry in all over the world and pakistan is the main hub…. wish u good luck

  5. Thanks Saad for your kind Input!

  6. HAROON A complete glimpse of the visit SUPERB
    Being one of the participant of this event I would definitely look forward to attend such events in future INSHAA ALLAH ,bundle of thanks to MR.TARIQ TANVEER .

  7. Haroon Hemani…. intresting article and indeed work… and wish u good luck. go ahead 🙂

  8. Nice writings Haroon and intro of Qadr Bakhsh Farms..

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