Don’t Ever Talk About Me Being Creative Again, It Creeps Me Out !

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By: Tayyib Aftab

This incident took place when I was sitting with my friend who works at a digital agency. We were having a good time at a nearby ‘Dhaaba’ (local tea restaurant) when suddenly the phone rang, not mine, his. ‘I told you to increase LIKES on our Facebook page and you promised you would do it, in fact, when you pitched your idea, it was the key element’. Then a silence for like 5 seconds, and my friend responded: ‘Please do not worry, I have already sent a message to our team and they are working on it’. And the conversation ended.


I read those thousand words on my friend’s face, which he wanted to say but he didn’t speak. I realized how difficult it is to handle such clients in today’s world. But it got me to thinking, is it really true that these digital agencies…

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Author: imhemani

I am studying Agriculture and Agribusiness Management. from University of Karachi. Currently, i am working as an Ambassador of Agri-Tourism in Karachi.

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